Dryer Vent Cleaning

One of the biggest reasons to clean a dryer vent is to increase the efficiency of the dryer itself. When a dryer’s vent is partially blocked or even fully clogged, it has to work harder than ever to remove moisture from clothes, create heat and dry the items in the spin cycle.

We complete a full Dryer Vent Cleaning (duct cleaning + brushing and negative pressure + furnace inspection).

Our Price - $129 (up to 12f high from ground)

If it's required from us to clean it from inside because it's to high or completely clogged the price will be $159.

We do the cleaning for the dryer vent from the outside to the inside when the dryer is on so we actually can check the pressure .

Dryer vent cleaning is usually an afterthought, something we know we should do at some point because we don’t comprehend the ramifications of this neglect.

During the cold winter months, we all tend to use our dryers throughout the season, so we’ll have scented, dry clothes waiting for us every morning, with no concern for the weather.

The more we use our dryer; the more lint & debris builds up within its’ ventilation systems. 

Over time, the accumulation compromises the dryer’s function: We can notice that it gradually takes more & more time for the load to finish, that the dryer makes louder sounds (which alerts that the dryer is also working harder), & last but not least, you could notice a bounce on your electricity bill; since when the dryer works harder, it also takes up more energy.

Excellent & thorough dryer vent cleaning of your dryer vent once a year, will ensure that your dryer keeps functioning safely, at a top-notch level.

To perform a complete & efficient cleaning, there are a few steps to consider:

  • Tracing the vent – our accomplished team of technicians locates the starting place of the air duct & its’ end, in order to clean it impeccably. 
  • The cleaning process takes place – our experienced staff uses the best tools & machinery, to purify the dryer vent from any kind of lint, dust or debris. If its’ been a while since your last cleaning, some of the dirt could find its’ way out the wall & into the house or office. In that case, our crew cleans that area as well.
  • Inspection – Every esteemed company would do a trial run & check the vent manually, to make sure it’s completely clean & ready for action. After a good cleaning, your dryer should work faster, quieter & easier.
  • Cost-effective – The cleaner the dryer vent, the faster your dryer will work. By working quicker & being able to enjoy stable airflow, your dryer will require less energy to do each load, which will lower your electricity bill.
  • Ensures safety – Every year, a build-up of lint blocks your dryer & makes it harder for it to function. Yet, that not the worrisome part, but the fact that lint is one of the most flammable materials known to men today. Statistics show that neglection of dryer vent cleaning could cause disastrous, Life-threatening fires. To prevent such horrendous events from occurring, all we need to do is clean our dryer vents every year.  
  • The company that has all the licensing, insurance & expertise needed to handle such operation
  • The company that provides a thorough inspection, before the operation & after it, to ensure that the duct is completely sanitized
  • The company that employs expert technicians & cleaning crew

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