Move In Package

Does your house smell dusty and musty even after you deep clean your house? Are you moving to a new house? Do your kids or you suffer from skin allergies, sneezes, and coughs?

Do you know what you are breathing in is dust mites and pollutants and sometimes rat poop venting from your air duct?

Stop smelling rat poop, dust, and allergens causing pollutants in your home or in your offices! Let us clean your air for you and remove all allergens and disgusting dirt in the air you breathe!

Our Complete Move In Cleaning Package includes:

No one wants to breathe in toxic and polluted air right under your roof or offices. If you are moving into a new house or office, do you want to breathe in previous owners and their pet’s germs and skin/hair particles that are trapped inside your HVAC system?

Dust in homes, offices and other human environments contains human and animal hair and cells that become dust particles. Your air could be contaminated with airborne viruses, outdoor pollutants, plant pollen, rat and other animal feces and more…

Stop the main cause of allergies and improve the quality of your home and offices.

When is the last time you cleaned your sheets? When you thought the bed mites are what caused all the allergies…let me tell you a little secret, the problem is in the air!

When is the last time you cleaned your air? Do your family a favor and maximize the cleanliness of your HVAC systems and lower the chances of viruses and pollutants invading your home, give everyone a truly FRESH start to their day.

According to a recent study by George Washington University, Dust contains more than 45 toxic chemicals linked to respiratory, behavioral and neurodevelopment problems.

Do your family a favor and maximize the cleanliness of your HVAC systems and give everyone a truly fresh start to their day.

Move in package up to:

Up to 2400sft- $628

Up to 3400sqft $690

More than 3400sqf?
Please call for estimate .

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